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Elevate Your Retail Strategy with Visulon's Visual Assortment Planning

Demand Forecasting

In the ever-evolving world of retail, staying ahead of trends and customer preferences is crucial for success. One key aspect that can make or break a brand's performance is assortment planning. Visulon Inc, a pioneer in the field, has revolutionized this process with its cutting-edge Visual Assortment Planning solution. In this blog post, we'll delve into the significance of assortment planning and how Visulon's offering is reshaping the landscape for retailers globally.

Visulon offers 'What-if' scenarios for Line Planning, SKU Planning, and Merchandising planning ...

Line Planning, SKU Planning, and Merchandising planning

While working with top global brands, Visulon engineers devised new tools that drastically reduce dependencies on un-connect programs like Excel, Photoshop, illustrator or PDFs. Although Excel and Photoshop are used extensively, they are stand-alone and riddled with special training, macros, rules, links, and require everyday manual upkeep. Moving on to customized, cloud-based and real-time applications means your data is always current and accurate.

Visulon's application code now runs on Entity Framework 6 and Bootstrap

Entity Framework 6 and Bootstrap

Making a structural change in the entire code-base is evolutionary for any start-up. When Visulon's core tech team decided to move on to EF6, it was with the goal to substantially improve the performance, security and accelerate the database interactions on the cloud and Visulon's application domain. This offered easier code maintenance, faster application management, and overall performance improvements.

Brand Revue: Adopting Digital culture for B2B processes

Adopting Digital culture for B2B processes

Today, Commotion that surrounds the new product design starts almost 18 to 24 months ahead of the targeted go to the market season. The process begins with marketing, merchandising and sales teams getting together and taking stock of the past couple seasons; aggregating the numbers that reflect demand for certain styles and colors in a specific or all the categories. Several other relevant contributors and team members voice in their opinions creating outlines and instructions for the product designers. This also initiates initial conversations about what would be a hit for the season 'unknown'. We call it unknown because it is more than fifteen months out at that time. Designers usually are working on ideas of their own that affect the style, form factor and use of special materials.

Focus on reducing time to market

Focus on reducing time to market

In the competitive retailing landscape where omnichannel is uprooting the traditional norms of taking your product designs to the marketplace, we think that getting new products to buyers has significant advantages. The results-oriented business practices promoted by high-tech companies of the older generation, like Intel and HP, professed in early 90's the importance of gaining market share by being first to the market. It established the market dominance, saved on costs, and brought in consumer acceptance to their products.

Multi-language, Multi-currency B2B Product Management Portal can be a savior

Multi-language, Multi-currency B2B Product Management Portal can be a savior

In recent years, American Brands have gone global. Their products are appealing to the masses across the continents and the cultures. Our findings on how some of these brands manage theirApparel product release processes and Go To Market systems across the lands was an eye opener. We found the wasted time, energy and resources in managing these seasonal releases in every instant. We found miscommunication, we found missed opportunities, and we noticed lost business due to the unpreparedness.

Visulon's cloud-based SaaS platform advantage

Visulon's cloud-based SaaS platform advantage

Visulon's enterprise level large application platform is designed as SaaS (Software As a Service) deployments.

High cost and deployment time are precisely the pain points that SaaS applications are designed to address. In SaaS model, subscription pricing reduces the CAPEX, and the provider, Visulon, bears the responsibility for maintaining the software and infrastructure that supports the service. That is precisely why it is easier to deploy and use such solutions.

Sustainable Go-To-Market Process Can Save Millions of Trees

Sustainable Go-To-Market Process Can Save Millions of Trees

Every new season, salespeople Wendi Mathis and Scott Ohsman of Seattle struggle to collect and carry the heavy, glossy print fashion catalogs of Helly Hansen, Adidas Outdoor, Acorn and more to their sales meetings. It takes these two top notch sales experts hours to thumb through and present pages of many different catalogs to their prospective buyers at REI, Nordstrom, and Macy's, hoping for the buyers to sign off on selections for their retail showrooms next season. Then comes the circling of items in the catalog and scribbling quantities, special discounts, and delivery dates on anywhere in the catalog; it's another wasteful procedure to keep the information organized and see that it is fulfilled. This process occurs in every sales meeting. And even if a buyer decides to buy just a few items, as soon as the order information is written down, the full color, heavy weight paper catalog is effectively tossed out. This sales scenario is repeated thousands of times a day across the nation, where salespeople working for major brands sell 70% of their products to retail buyers. Millions of printed pages are wasted, while the whole process of taking an order stays unreliable and time-consuming - not to mention cumbersome.