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product release and sales processes

Review Product Release Process

Big brand Apparel, Fashion, and Sportswear companies can evolve their product release and go to market process into efficient, digitally connected, real-time and global operations with Visulon’s cloud-based platform. Visulon senior staff is available to review and identify your challenges, pain-points and opportunities to revamp your roadmap to the ‘digital transformation’ necessities at no cost.

Some of the common problems that are causing hurdles to achieve accuracy, global data availability, resource distribution, and speed to market are:

  • Is your planning and costing fully connected: There can be multiple islands of data generated and maintained by PLM, DAM, Forecasting tools, International price lists, past sales history, wholesale/retail merchandising data, target and margin estimates, By door sales target and many more.
  • Are you conducting seasonal product reviews by flying all in?
  • Where can you reduce costs and bottlenecks?
  • How would you improve time to market?
  • How are dealers and retail buyers involved with your merchandising plans?
  • How is change management handled?
  • Is local, user-defined data added in real-time and available to all?
  • How marketing and sales digital assets are being handled?
  • Are merchandising plans good enough to make decisions?
Companies tend to overlook many of such systemic issues, while Visulon’s team is experienced to identify and bring to the front center these and more to build a full scope solutions platform.