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Industry business models are changing, processes are undergoing digital makeover and the speed we are expected to deliver is faster. 2016 and 2017 will be the years of re-invention for big brands on how they want to reposition their business processes.”

- Arun Joshi, CEO and Founder Visulon Inc.

Digital transformation presents the perfect path forward for the big brands to wither the storm of opportunities and threats. Moving on with more and more digital content that is hosted in the dynamic cloud architecture is an opportunity for companies to ride the wave and transform their offerings, business models, and value creation levers.

Big brands like Coach, Nike, UnderArmour and Mizuno realized this early on and created internal changes to adopt new IT thinking for revamping the processes. But for companies that are slow movers, it is a big threat and can fall behind in the race.

Although, big brands like Coach was definitely not sleeping at the wheel. Visulon introduced it’s cloud based enterprise platform for Go-To-Market processes in 2014 to Coach and the whole company embraced it. They got rid of many manual display and printing methods, considerably reduced use of stand-alone software like Photoshop and fully automated seasonal new product introduction setup.

We think that it’s a big transition; the industry is changing and would take few years to make that happen.

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We offer a full spectrum of application development, maintenance and technical support along with flexible contracting arrangements
to manage your applications and make your business tomorrow-proof through the power of Information Technology.

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