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Visulon’s Free 3D Plugin, Custom Vi3D And 3D Compression

New York, NY May 13th, 2022: Today Visulon announces the release and availability of advanced 3D image management technologies to enhance faster adoption of 3D for apparel, footwear, fashion, and sports brands. Vi3D is a set of tools, designed in-house by a team of talented engineers using 3.js, Python, C#, and AIML and working very closely with the 3D software vendors.

Visulon Platform not only supports the upload, storage and display of your 3D samples, But Visulon incorporates its state-of-the-art compression logic to optimize performance in the cloud and to streamline content delivery to the Vi3D Viewer.

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Either uploaded using Visulon’s Plugin or through API process, the 3D objects will be optimized and compressed for the fastest delivery and display in the 360 product viewer.

Visulon compression works with GLB/GLTF, FBX, OBJ, and other common data types that are produced by the industry-leading 3D software like Browzwear, CLO, Kaledo, 3DMax, Modo, etc.

Visulons compression logic does not permanently alter your original file settings, you work hard to establish those standards. Visulon simply compresses the 3D object to reduce the size of storage and transfer in the cloud and then expands the compressed file within the Vi3D viewer to is full original quality. Similar to ZIP for other file types.

Visulon 3D compression can result in a compressions percentage as much as 90-95%; Typically the larger the original source file the greater the compression percentage. Visulon is continuously improving both its Vi3D Viewer capabilities and also its compression algorithm and capabilities, so you can be assured of great performance now and in the future.

The 3D Plugin designed in consultation with #Browzwear eliminates the need to manually render, export, store and upload the product 3D images into Visulon using SFTP or Manual drag/drop methods. Since its release Visulon client #Puma already mapped 1200+ 3D product images and seem to be excited about using the automation. Kumar N., Senior Business Process Manager for Puma said “Last week the plugin was installed for two key users. As per their feedback so far, the plugin is easy to use and the essential features e.g. login, mapping of articles, Push to Visulon are working good”.

Visulon’s new Plugin supports the use of custom 3D poses so if you have multiple predefined 3D poses for your various brands and product categories you can define the 3D Pose to Visulon. A different mapping configuration can be saved for each .BW file – So Knit tops can have a different 3D Pose mapping than Woven Pants, etc.

The 100% cloud-based viewer runs in any browser and on any device and the Portal-specific settings allow for your brand’s custom lighting and environment adjustments to be saved and used.

Visulon’s 360 Viewer designed by Visulon , saves users adjustments to any setting so that the next time they open a 3D object in the viewer the lighting, background, and view settings will all be reapplied. In addition, a Portal Default setting is made to work for brand-specific requirements ..e.g. VF can have different default viewer settings for Timberland, TNF, and VANS.

Visulon’s Vi3D Viewer is designed to support GLTF, GLB, FBX, OBJ Files Format, It has designed with its customer-base in mind and provides ability to adjust camera position, lighting intensity, angles, allows rotation and auto save. It has user specific setting to adjust FOV, camera light, distance, angle or ambient light.

PVH is pushing mainly images in GLB formats, they are also pushing alternate Images.(eg: Front, Back, Detail 1, etc), Visulon’s Plugin automatically maps the images to the products and also to the placeholders.

Visulon is releasing Plugins for MAC and Windows .. and it works seamlessly with the Visulon’s Cloud.

Arun Joshi, Visulon’s founder and CEO said “the new release of 3D toolset strengthens our position to take 3D in the cloud by our clients. PVH and VFC have already adopted and testing it now. Puma has uploaded more that 1200 3D images in the cloud. Visulon is always on the leading edge of technology adoption for Apparel and Fashion’s big brand names.”

About Visulon:

At Visulon, we innovate and develop foundations to build sustainable digital commerce by providing B2B enterprise SaaS solutions that eliminate manual methods. Visulon has focused on Apparel, Fashion, and Sports multi-channel large brands to enable them to formulate a digital, enterprise-wide Go-To-Market strategy.