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Visulon's cloud-based SaaS platform advantage

Visulon's cloud-based SaaS platform advantage

Visulon's enterprise level large application platform is designed as SaaS (Software As a Service) deployments.

High cost and deployment time are precisely the pain points that SaaS applications are designed to address. In SaaS model, subscription pricing reduces the CAPEX, and the provider, Visulon, bears the responsibility for maintaining the software and infrastructure that supports the service. That is precisely why it is easier to deploy and use such solutions.

In general, SaaS deployment can be either hybrid offerings or pure SaaS offerings. Hybrid offerings typically require some kind of collector device to be deployed on the customer's premises, such as a virtual or a physical appliance. This collector gathers data from the customer's network, such as device configurations, network topography and so on.

Visulon is a highly customized cloud-based SaaS offering, we gather product data remotely, clean it up and reformat it to upload to the cloud servers. Visulon engineers set the security policies and access controls. A fully customized web subdomain and multiple levels of security measures protect the access and confidentiality of the customer's data.

Also, Visulon operates the software and holds the data in SAS-70 Type II certified data centers. To tackle cybersecurity Visulon has adopted Microsoft Azure as our cloud services provider. Azure gives us the native capability for security, compliance solutions, device endpoints, and the threat Protection to include and manage vulnerabilities in third-party applications, providing the best defense for customers' heterogeneous environments. Also, Visulon monitors the infrastructure and applications for fault and performance and has set policies for the disaster recovery planning, continuity of operations plans and standard operating procedures.

Integration with internal or external data sources (e.g. POS data, Forecast models, sales target charts) and with third-party applications (e.g. Single Sign-on, Supply chain management, ERP, PLM or Order processing applications) is very key to Visulon's Sales Management software. We support this integration using Web services, JDBC, LDAP, SOAP, WSDL, APIs and command-line integrations.

Visulon also monitors the data storage capacity (All SSD in Cloud) and large on-line transaction with constant vigilance. Spam or security is managed at the point of logins and elsewhere.

  • Visulon's Key SaaS Features:
  • No capital costs.
  • Monthly and quarterly new patches with new upgrades.
  • Fast upgrade to the latest technology platform and framework, assuring full hardware compatibility.
  • Fast deployment (three to six weeks including hands-on training).
  • Highly secured application and database architecture.
  • Continuous performance management.
  • 24 x 7 availability in all browsers and for all cross-platform usage.
  • Operating procedure for disaster recovery and continuous backup.
  • Around the clock customer support.

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