Freedom Board For Product Presentation

Visulon’s infinite Canvas and Cloud-connected Freedom-Board® will help Product designers and Sales teams.

Visulon’s new innovations are to make road to Digital-Transformation as easy and as effective as possible. We have been working on a completely new front-end technologies that would disrupt the design and sales activities of the major brands.

Freedom-Board® is our next innovation. This is a must have tool for product designers and sales and marketing teams. It will make your sales and marketing presentations accurate, automated, and collaborative.

The differentiator is that Freedom-Board® is not just a graphics tool like Miro or Canva.. but it is an automation tool to accelerate the design collaboration and sales meetings.

The basis of this is creating an infinite canvas to import collections, grid views, line plans, and Blue i for easy attribute data capture. It will also allow you to combine your designs with your PR and Marketing plans and demos.

Each Freedom-Board® you design will stay connected in real-time with your four years and sixteen plus season’s of product master data. You would be able to zoom, move around, add, edit, create custom containers and rearrange everything on this ‘Freedom-Board®’. You can also start meetings using Visulon’s embedded video calling facility without needing Zoom, Webex or Teams.

Visulon Revue

Let’s see how the Freedom-Board works:

We can do easy import of assortment broads, grid views, or custom collections from ReVue, the digital selling tool, to the Freedom-board®. The import pop-up would allow you to select the assortments for the Freedom-Board®. You can resize, move, delete, or add them to a container. It also has ‘hierarchy searches’ and ‘quick search’ as a built-in part of it and gives quick access to your Product master. The Selected products come with alternate images and attribute data in Visulon’s Blue i pop-up.

All the changes in data from PIM, PLM, or DAM are shown in red bubbles and can be ‘updated’ instantly .. allowing you to stay current and accurate.

We have allowed easy importing of various functional and promotional data and image objects such as .jpg, png, 3D, avatars, animations, gifs, comments, titles, labels, shapes, sticky notes, stickers, short videos, charts/graphs or VENN diagrams, PowerPoint slides, PDF and Excel sheets on the Freedom-Board®. Some of these are brought in from Visulon’s libraries or from PIM, DAM, or local drive. Again, all items can be zoomed in, rearranged, or grouped together.

Another unique functionality of Freedom-Board® is to connect with your Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, or Adobe Creative Cloud. Further, the changes made in these folders will reflect on the Freedom-Board®.

Visulon’s Freedom-Board® is an absolute game-changer – it offers accuracy and automation to accelerate your sales process.

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