Visulon's Adaptive Analytics Solution

Unblock the power of your data

Visulon’s approach helps build new Assortments and Workbooks much faster.

We at Visulon, understand how you can excel at preparing your sales proposals. You prepare a creative and most studied buy plan before going to the sales meetings. You always consider the past 3 to 4 seasons, look at the trends, understand market dynamics/market intelligence and select your products for the next season. Your assortment for the upcoming sales meeting has to produce the most profitable sales session. It has to be a win-win; it generates excitement with buyers.

Visulon’s adaptive analytics report is what would make your life simpler. With the help of smart algorithms, we review your and your group’s past creations, sales documents, placements, and important highlights. We allow you to edit, rearrange, or create most suitable sequences for the meeting. We make algorithmic iterations using past seasons and help propose sales documents for the new season.. saving you time. After all, making you successful is our job.

You want to see your B2B, and omnichannel buyers are happy and engaged when you present your most thoughtful insights about their business, and Visulon is there to make that happen.

Visulon’s Adaptive Analytics Solution is based on past season’s buying patterns and how the next season’s Line Plan is built.. And using the previous season’s historical data, we put together the new document for you when you start your new session on the Visulon platform. This brings relevancy and accuracy into your new visual assortment and workbook, increasing your confidence.

Visulon’s Adaptive Analytics Solution is highly relational to the past buying patterns of the account and the upcoming season’s master data. The speed and accuracy of creating a new sales document, with full controls to customize it, make your job easy and brings out the best sales conversions.