Visual Merchandising Planning Software

What Is Seasonal Merchandising Planning?

To fulfill the exact demand of the market, creating a strategy of planning, selling, and buying merchandise called visual merchandising planning is essential. Seasonal merchandise planning is particularly crucial in purchasing the proper merchandise to maximize your business profit.

Importance of Visual Merchandising Planning

Merchandising planning is crucial to providing the right product at the right place, right time, right price, and in the right quantities. Beginning with your Visual Assortments and Custom Workbooks, the Merchandiser meticulously prepares a page summary of the products grouped by availability dates. This well-prepared approach ensures effective strategy execution and streamlined product distribution

What is Merchandising Planning?

Merchandising planning refers to the strategic process of organizing and managing the procurement, allocation, and sale of goods to optimize sales and profit for a retail business. It involves making informed decisions about what products to carry, how much inventory to stock, where to place items in stores, and how to promote and price them.

Merchandiser and Planogram run in Visulon’s Enterprise Cloud with a highly secure and configurable permission structure of the portal.

Visulon Provides Highly Automated ‘Fixture Planning’ And ‘Store Planning’.

We allow importing seasonal assortments into the 'Planogram Module' and provide automated ways to create the layout and stack products on the shelves. While we map the products on fixtures, we can also fold it or turn it to get 3D looks and shadows. From your Visual Assortments and Custom Workbooks, Merchandiser prepares a page summary of the products grouped by availability dates. Visulon also provides highly automated 'Fixture planning' and 'store planning,' encompassing traditional store plans, Shop-in-shop designs, and Key-initiative, emphasizing the importance of effective merchandising planning.

visual merchandising planning
merchandising planning software

Tag Fixtures And Floor Layouts With Exact Attributes.

Planogram offers the technology where all the fixture planning can be done using one or multiple of your Visual seasonal Assortments. This browser-based tool is fast and flexible; it allows you to put various financial calculations per fixture.

Dynamic Reports: Customization, Collaboration, and Continuity

Visulon's Dynamic Reports feature enables users to customize reports according to their specific requirements, providing a tailored view of critical merchandising data. From assortment insights to collection analytics, users can effortlessly generate reports that align with their objectives and preferences. Moreover, the ability to save and share reports ensures seamless collaboration across teams, fostering greater synergy and alignment in merchandising strategies. With saved reports staying dynamically updated in real-time, stakeholders can make informed decisions based on the latest data, driving agility and responsiveness in retail operations.

merchandising planning software
merchandising planning software

Automated Line Plans: Efficiency, Accuracy, and Flexibility

The introduction of Automated Line Plans represents a paradigm shift in the way retailers conceptualize and manage their product assortments. Leveraging dynamic generation capabilities, Visulon's platform empowers users to create comprehensive line plans in under one minute, eliminating manual processes and minimizing time-to-market. Real-time sync and database updates ensure that line plans remain current and reflective of evolving market dynamics. Additionally, the ability to manage attributes and integrate brand attribution further enhances the accuracy and relevance of line plans, enabling retailers to curate assortments that resonate with their target audience.

Special Features of Planogram

Fixture and Floorset Valuation
Fixture and Floorset Valuation
Adjustable stack height per PRODUCT
Adjustable stack height per PRODUCT / fixture position.
Ability to show Retail
Ability to show Retail$, LDP$, and Profit$ (Retail-LDP)
all fixtures in the store plan
Ability to show totals for all fixtures in the store plan
most profitable fixture
Ability to highlight the most profitable fixture
least profitable fixture
Ability to highlight the least profitable fixture
Show valuations on the floor plan
Show valuations on the floor plan on/above/below the fixtures.