Seasonal Merchandising Planning

Merchandising plans

Visulon provides the fastest way to create your seasonal Merchandising plans from integrated data sources. Our Merchandising solutions are fully customizable to fit your rules and formats.

From your Visual Assortments and Custom Workbooks, Merchandiser prepares a page summary of the products grouped by the availability dates.

Visulon also provides highly automated ‘Fixture planning’ and ‘store planning’ This includes traditional store plans, Shop-in-shop designs, and Key-initiative.

We allow importing seasonal assortments to import into the ‘Planogram Module’ and provide automated ways to create the layout and stack products on the shelves. While we map the products on fixtures, we can also fold it, or turn it to get 3D looks and shadows.

We are able to tag fixtures and Floor layouts with exact attributes.

Planogram offers the technology where all the fixture planning can be done using one or multiple of your Visual seasonal Assortments.

This browser-based tool is fast and flexible; it allows you to put various financial calculations per fixture.

Merchandiser and Planogram run in Visulon’s Enterprise Cloud with a highly secure and configurable permission structure of the portal.

Special Features of Planogram:

  • Fixture and Floorset Valuation
  • Adjustable stack height per PRODUCT / fixture position.
  • Ability to show Retail$, LDP$, and Profit$ (Retail-LDP)
  • Ability to show totals for all fixtures in the store plan
  • Ability to highlight the most profitable fixture
  • Ability to highlight the least profitable fixture
  • Show valuations on the floor plan on/above/below the fixtures.