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Visulon’s Dynamic Workbook

Visulon’s Digital Workbook puts fully interactive product workbooks at your fingertips! It can be created in minutes with our proprietary technology and can be seamlessly used on desktop, laptop, or tablet, such as the Apple iPad. The 100% browser-based application allows you to create custom product workbooks with all the design layout features.

Visulon’s Dynamic Digital Workbook delivers the full contents of your seasonal product workbooks, as well as dynamically updated product data and images. Your digital workbooks will always be up to date with the latest pricing and product info, helping your reps to more fully service their accounts. The familiar flipbook-style navigation is easy to learn, and a full-featured search function allows quick product selection, even for the largest brands. Digital Workbooks can be saved as PDF, printed, shared, and emailed directly from the application. Visulon’s full featured Order Worksheet and ‘Fast Order’ is also included, automatically pulling in available size ranges, current pricing, UPC codes and account information. Order Worksheet is populated as you build your custom workbook, eliminating duplicate data entry and potential errors. Order Worksheet also supports advanced needs such as overall discount, product level and rules-based discounts, multiple door planning, and more.

Digital Workbook Features

  • Touch optimized user interface designed for tablet use, such as on the Apple iPad
  • Role and permissions based secured logins
  • Allows you to leverage your existing workbook layout and structure
  • Supports the quick creation of custom workbooks with full editing and sharing
  • Generates PDF, PPT and Excel files
  • Cloud architecture permits instant save and share globally
  • Leverages live data to support images, PLM data changes, price changes and UPC codes
  • Supports multiple currencies and multiple pricing levels
  • Includes print marketing pages, tech stories, covers and dividers
  • Optional inventory visibility module
  • Integrates with Visulon Assortment Builder, Merchandizer, Financial Planner and Fast Order applications

Dynamic Workbook runs in the Visulon’s Enterprise Cloud with highly secure and configurable permission’s structure of the portal.

Dynamic Digital Workbook
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