Biz Dev and Sales Manager for Visulon Inc.

Job Description

Visulon is hiring Sales and Marketing Manager with an in-depth understanding of Apparel, Footwear, fashion Line planning, Merchandising planning, wholesale and retail product planning, and sell-through processes in big fashion and Sports brands.

Visulon has been on the path of opening up ‘Digital avenues’ for the large Apparel, Footwear and Accessories brands. Industry business models are changing; processes are undergoing a digital makeover.

Visulon offers cloud-hosted applications, databases, and connected environments to automate the product release processes. We are on top of the heap to show how Visual Assortments, Merchandising, Workbooks, and other selling tools can be fully automated and made available globally. We are way past 2D and 3D and moving towards WebVR. Our technology makes things happen for companies who have to deal with 20,000 to 50,000 SKU’s per season.

Check out www.visulon.com; And also a landing page : https://visulon.com/consulting.aspx

We are looking for a dynamic go-getter to work with big brands like Target, L Brands, Michael Kores, DKNY, RL, Under Armour to experience the Visulon difference.


Product Marketing – Traditional and Digital

Job Description

Visulon is looking for a Product Marketing Manager who has worked with Big brand sports and fashion companies like Nike, Adidas, PVH or North Face. The minimum requirement is to know seasonal product GoToMarket processes in sports and fashion brands..

The person will be responsible for developing marketing material to accurately identify what Visulon can offer to large brands on how to automate their internal processes. Your experience working with apparel or footwear brands and our current client base will provide material for case studies and white papers.

The primary focus will be to develop and manage digital marketing initiatives. The person will lead the content calendar for our blog, trade journal insertions, trade magazine forums, and email newsletter as well as be responsible for day-to-day updates on Linkedin Twitter and Pinterest content.

Visulon Product Marketing Manager

Responsibilities include:

  • Write case studies for Visulon product offerings and technology.
  • Write white papers on our ‘Early Line Planning’ ‘Digital platform collaboration saves time to market’, ‘Data-driven Assortment and Merchandising planning, ‘Sell-through automation for big brands’ .
  • Write forum and blog entries on our 'Highly customized Digital Asset Manager for Apparel and Footwear industry'.
  • Manage a blog by working with the technical staff to create weekly technology content.
  • Manage all content and engagement for our Linkedin, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts.
  • Run digital marketing campaigns to increase engagement and enhance the Visulon name recognition.
  • Research and cultivate strategic social media partners with key business, firms, companies and trade publications.
  • Assist with the execution of monthly email newsletters by both designing, writing and testing emails.

Requirements :

  • Marketing and communications background and interest.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Quick grasping of the domain we serve where brands like Nike, Adidas, North Face, Converse, Patagonia dominate.
  • Comprehensive understanding and skill set writing and using social media tools such as Hootsuite, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, MailChimp.
  • Experience with email programs, data mining, and campaign management strategies.
  • Passionate to take on the projects and manage for success.

This position is for a person who is looking for establishing him or her into Marcom. Product marketing role. Preferably MBA but not necessary.

Business Analyst - Apparel Sports Fashion process technology

Job Description

Visulon Inc. is in the forefront of providing digital transformation for B2B product planning and gotoMarket processes for Apparel, Sports and Fashion brands.

We are looking for a talented person to take up Business Analyst role in Visulon and to create user stories and use cases from the subscribers/users of the Visulon platform. You will also talk with our technical team and understand new features and functionalities and provide valuable inputs to streamline new development ideas.

Industry research and trend analysis will be a big part of your job to know where technology adoption is going and how other companies are targeting new process changes. Your understanding of PLM products by FLEX PTC, Unique, Centric or Enovia will help to do this job well because Visulon connects via APIs with these platforms. Also knowledge of order taking Apps like New Order, Plum River or 7th Online will be useful for creating use cases for Visulon platform.

We are looking for someone with direct experience with Apparel, Sports, and fashion merchandising planning or retail planning experience.

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