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Multi-language, Multi-currency B2B Product Management Portal can be a savior

Multi-language, Multi-currency B2B Product Management Portal can be a savior

In recent years, American Brands have gone global. Their products are appealing to the masses across the continents and the cultures. Our findings on how some of these brands manage theirApparel product release processes and Go To Market systems across the lands was an eye opener. We found the wasted time, energy and resources in managing these seasonal releases in every instant. We found miscommunication, we found missed opportunities, and we noticed lost business due to the unpreparedness.

Visulon designed their GoToMarket platform, and all the software applications ground up to handle multiple languages and multiple currencies. And that helped global corporations like Craghoppers, Coach, and Mizuno to launch their season in each of their global markets in respective languages.

Craghoppers operating from Manchester, England has significant distribution and independent Rep groups in the North America, Europe, and the Latin America. Having their digital product catalogs ready in U.K English, U.S. English, German and Spanish was an unprecedented boon to speed the process of introducing season in those markets.

Visulon's Multi-Language Multi-currency technology platform allowed a seamless communication in the territories where users logged into the portal. Starting at the critical messages, news, functional buttons, attributes and all the product information was immediately visible to see in German, if the dealer from Germany was logging in. Visulon's success in creating core software platform in Unicode compatible design gave an upper hand in adopting it globally.

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