Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration Platform

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Microsoft certified development

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

Visulon is a Microsoft certified development company and has developed the ERP connectors and Sync Tools to automatically syncs data from Visulon (like orders, item info, dealer / retailer profiles and inventory levels) to your Microsoft Dynamics AX and GP’s financial & inventory software system.

We believe that integrating Visulon order and product data directly with Microsoft Dynamics AX / GP, without going through other order tools like ‘CenterStone’ you can save money and get a tighter integration. We can bring all the sales orders into Microsoft Dynamics GP. We can also incrementally push dealer / retailer profiles, products details, inventory levels, pricing, history data, etc out back into Visulon platform.

Our goal is to offer easy connectors to eliminate data errors, minimize additional IT costs and realize the goal of having fully integrated businesses. We can set event-driven triggers and synchronize data in near real-time (as frequently as every 1 minute) to ensure all users of Visulon software can have the right information when needed.