Image Bank

Visulon’s Image Bank

Digital Asset Management Solutions

Has your marketing department turned into a fulfilment house? Are your worldwide partners using out-of-date imagery and information? With Image Bank, you can allow your marketing partners, sales reps, and retailers to search, browse, preview and download your digital assets—any file type, anywhere, anytime.

Visulon’s Image Bank is a secure, hosted digital asset management application designed especially for the marketing and sales needs of the apparel and footwear industry. Image Bank is easy to use and configure, and since it’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), there’s nothing to install. You can start using Image Bank with only your web browser from the day you sign up. Unlike FTP directories, Image Bank is a highly secure image and data portal, with familiar controls for browsing, searching and downloading files - making it easy for your partners to use. Like the other Visulon’s SaaS products, Image Bank is highly configurable based on your brand’s defined product-line hierarchies, search criteria, and access privileges to match your organization’s structure and business needs. It’s quick to implement and easy to administer, so you can get all your global assets centrally located in one source — start improving your brand’s efficiency and integrity with one central repository of your digital assets.

Features and Benefits

  • Access your current assets in real-time.
  • Add content quickly and easily, completely online.
  • Fully customizable data dictionary with any number or type of data attributes for each file.
  • Find content with versatile search controls and configurable search results views.
  • Forward your assets via secure email to anyone in the world.
  • Control access to directories, files, even individual data fields with groups and roles.
  • SaaS model eliminates hardware and software costs, increases ease of use.
  • Supports any digital file, including ZIP archives.
  • Fully integrated with Assortment Builder, Licensee Center and Line Manager.
  • Allows configuration of your group and role permissions with a set of comprehensive administrative tools.
  • Quickly and easily make business decisions through full activity reports.
  • Runs entirely in your web browser on both Windows and Mac platforms.
  • Email, telephone, and online support from Visulon professional project managers.
Image Bank runs in the Visulon’s Enterprise Cloud with highly secure and configurable permission’s structure of the portal.