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Visulon announced the availability of an integrated Planogram module (Vplan) with 3D store views, AI-supported analytics, and stacking automation.

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Feb. 17, 2023

NEW YORK, Feb. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Visulon today announced a new addition to its enterprise platform for building a cloud-based 3D Planogram application. Utilizing client-provided store layouts, fixture library, and integrated Assortment Plans (or Line Plans), the merchandiser or a Global Merchant can now build the Planogram in a matter of minutes. This will allow the entire store-level Planogram to be developed in 3D in minutes. This capability also extends to building Shop-in-Shop or Key-initiative planogram displays. VPlan also provides data tables and analytics at the product, fixture, and store levels.

It proved a strong engineering feat without using any special hardware appliance, third-party engines, or need of having a high-end computing device, or extra high bandwidth. The new front-end coding techniques using three.js and angular.js was successfully implemented to accomplish this seamless rendering from the cloud.

Visulon's Planogram's unique features are automated placements from your collections to fixures, auto folding and hanging of the apparel for the tabletop fixtures, draping of models and mannequins in 3D, and real-time updates of the product data and images. These AI ML-supported functionalities speed up the creation and later management of a particular Planogram, eliminating the need for manual revisions. It really extends Visulon's abilities to offer collaborative seasonal line presentations for the big brands.

Visulon's Planograms also provide detailed product level attribute and pricing data, fixture level product cost and margin analysis, and even the ability to do 'target' MSRP planning.

While talking about new 3D enhancement, Arun Joshi, Visulon's CEO, said that "the real-time 3D simulations, with automated product data update, will save Merchandisers a lot of time planning the new season at the store level. We are taking every step to make merchandising planning as sustainable and as easily managed as possible."

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