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Visulon's application code now runs on Entity Framework 6 and Bootstrap

Making a structural change in the entire code-base is evolutionary for any start-up. When visulon technology team decided to move on to EF6, it was with the goal to substantially improve the performance, security and accelerate the database interactions on the cloud and Visulon's application domain. This offered easier code maintenance, faster application management, and overall performance improvements.

We also accomplished another significant milestone in our development strategy by fully implementing Bootstrap. It has made application resources responsive to a variety of display sizes, a wide range of resolutions, from iPads to large touch-screens.

Maintaining comparable UI/UX consistency across the devices and browsers for our global user base is now possible.

We are proud to hear how efficiently our applications run and also able to handle complex 2D, 3D, and a myriad of data elements on our cloud setup.

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