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Elevate Your Retail Strategy with Visulon's Visual Assortment Planning


In the ever-evolving world of retail, staying ahead of trends and customer preferences is crucial for success. One key aspect that can make or break a brand's performance is assortment planning. Visulon Inc, a pioneer in the field, has revolutionized this process with its cutting-edge Visual Assortment Planning solution. In this blog post, we'll delve into the significance of assortment planning and how Visulon's offering is reshaping the landscape for retailers globally.

Understanding Assortment Planning:

Assortment planning involves curating a strategic selection of products to meet customer demand, maximize sales, and optimize inventory. It's a delicate balance that requires a deep understanding of market trends, consumer behavior, and operational constraints. In the digital age, where visual appeal and personalized experiences matter more than ever, traditional assortment planning methods fall short. This is where Visulon's Visual Assortment Planning steps in to redefine the game.

Visulon's Visual Assortment Planning Solution:

Speed and Accuracy:

Visulon's platform leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to streamline the assortment planning process. The infusion of these technologies ensures fast and accurate decision-making, enabling retailers to stay agile in a dynamic market.

Intuitive Visualizations:

The platform offers an intuitive and visually engaging interface that allows users to view assortments in 2D and 3D. This feature provides a realistic representation of how products will appear in-store, enhancing the decision-making process and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Global Collaboration:

With Visulon, teams can collaborate seamlessly, regardless of geographical locations. The cloud-based nature of the platform enables real-time updates and feedback, fostering efficient teamwork and ensuring everyone is on the same page throughout the assortment planning journey.

Customization for Unique Brands:

Visulon understands that every brand is unique. Its Visual Assortment Planning solution is highly customizable, accommodating the specific needs and nuances of different retailers. This flexibility ensures that the platform aligns with the brand's identity and objectives.

Predictive Insights:

The incorporation of predictive analytics allows retailers to anticipate customer preferences and market trends. This forward-looking approach empowers brands to make informed decisions, minimizing risks and maximizing the success of assortments.

3D garment
Spot and address missing merchandise opportunities

Address missing merchandise opportunities.

Conduct visual presentations with enhanced visibility. Examine and assess plans based on specific store locations, delivery schedules, or any relevant product details.

Enhance the distribution of inventory

Enhance the distribution of inventory.

Prevent shortages and manage excess inventory. Utilize predetermined size patterns and bulk distribution for a more precise inventory allocation.

Base decisions on data and analytics

Base decisions on data and analytics.

Aggregate and analyze product assortments in relation to key financial goals to identify areas of overstock and understock.

Integrating Visulon Assortments resulted in more precise consolidations and a transparent procedure for making informed purchases. We now have an instant visual representation of the assortment, significantly simplifying analysis and review. The tool has enhanced collaboration between the merchandising and planning teams, enabling them to analyze and access real-time data during the purchasing process. It has replaced manual procedures entirely and has become integral to our procurement processes.