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Unleashing the Power of FreedomBoard™

Unleashing the Power of FreedomBoard™

1. Seamless Collaboration, Anytime, Anywhere

FreedomBoard™ provides a real-time, cloud-connected collaboration space where teams can work on seasonal products, preformatted attribute data, and 2D/3D images. It eliminates manual processes and goes beyond traditional tools like Miro® or Canva®.

2. Technology Scope

Scale Globally

FreedomBoard™ ensures global scalability, catering to the unique needs of fashion businesses in various regions.

Data Integration

Integrate data seamlessly from every source, including Product Information Management (PIM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and Digital Asset Management (DAM).

Masterful 2D & 3D Image Management

Experience enhanced 2D and 3D image management capabilities that facilitate visual modeling with AI, ML, and Python coding.

Infinite Canvas White-Boarding Tools

The infinite canvas allows for simultaneous editing, brainstorming, and visual planning, fostering creativity and efficiency.

Collaborate and Share

Customized user access ensures secure collaboration, enabling teams to work together on line plans, showbacks, merchandising, and financial plans.

Predictive Insights

Utilize AI-driven predictive insights to inform decision-making and optimize planning processes.

3. Why Choose FreedomBoard™

Data Aggregation

Effortlessly upload product data and images with FreedomBoard™, while PLM and DAM integrations provide real-time updates for moodboards, new lines, and seasonal collections.

Faster Marketing Plans

Bring various content types, including images, PDFs, PPTs, videos, GIFs, charts, and graphs, onto FreedomBoard™. Create libraries and maintain live connectivity with OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Not Just Another Graphics Tool

FreedomBoard™ is custom-built to accelerate collaboration by forming teams, preparing early line plans, mixing and matching collections, importing attribute values, and building analytics and recaps.

A Presentation Canvas

The infinite canvas allows users to build containers for ideas and plans, preparing slideshows that surpass traditional presentations like PowerPoint.