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June 21, 2017

Visulon innovates electronic Brand-Review platform

GoToMarket and digital transformation company, Visulon, in apparel, footwear and accessories domain, announced electronic Brand Review software. BrandReVue, as it is named, will replace current manual and expensive design review process that uses PDF/ Photoshop images, and foam core boards with stickers and post-its.

Building on it’s experience with NewYork-based premier accessories brands, Visulon designed and developed innovative, cloud-connected, real-time electronic boards to display in meeting room using large screen TV, Wi-Fi, and projections.

Working in tandem with Visulon’s award-winning visual planning platform, it gives management teams ability to deep dive into high-resolution product images in 2D or 3D along attributes, and historical data.

BrandRvue allows real-time collaboration for the teams to join and comment during the review process from the global locations, saving time and travel costs.

The innovative review platform also allows saving comments and changes on to the cloud. The team can share or even export the boards to PDF, PPT or XLS. The days of hauling foam core boards and printing photoshop images are now replaced by cloud-based real-time electronic Brand ReVue.

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