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Visulon offers 'What-if' scenarios for Line Planning, SKU Planning, and Merchandising planning ...

While working with top global brands, Visulon engineers devised new tools that drastically reduce dependencies on un-connect programs like Excel, Photoshop, illustrator or PDFs. Although Excel and Photoshop are used extensively, they are stand-alone and riddled with special training, macros, rules, links, and require everyday manual upkeep. Moving on to customized, cloud-based and real-time applications means your data is always current and accurate.

So, while using the Visulon's connected applications if you get to build 'What-if' scenarios? That's what we also thought, and we built these on-screen calculation ideas in the planning tools.

While working on the New Line Plans or New SKU plans, one can change targets or margins and instantly show new 'buy plans.' This can be iterative until Line with correct numbers, and image placeholders look perfect for release. Our on-screen calculation capabilities change the ball-game even for expert planners.

Visulon's new tools to do on-screen 'What-if' scenarios while fully plugged into the seasonal style-level or SKU level product information and financial data give a big jolt to the manual, stand-alone spreadsheets.

These 'What-if' ideas are plug-ins to our existing Visual merchandise planning and assortment planning tools, and implementations range from Early Line Planning to Store-level Merchandising Planning.

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