Visulon announces embedded video conferencing within its platform, eliminating the need to use MS Teams, Webex, or Zoom

Visulon’s ReVue, the Digital Sales and Brand Review portal, now comes with the embedded conference calling facility. All Visulon users now can enhance the quality of connection and eliminate the need for another gateway. Generally, when higher resolution images and complex data is presented using Webex, Zoom, or MS Teams, the page refresh, rendering, and the quality of 3D images are subpar. Realizing this, Visulon engineers created an embedded Video conferencing plugin that is part of the platform. You can invite and add various members, and this tool provides all the standard features such as screen sharing, chat, uploading hi-res images etc from Visulon’s cloud backend. Large companies are already using VPN gateway due to the pandemic, and adding one more conferencing gateway isn’t really useful. Visulon’s video conferencing solves that problem.

Visulon announces embedded video conferencing

Please contact Visulon marketing team to have this added to your portals