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Visulon developed new tools to do Early Line planning and SKU planning

Visulon developed new tools to do Early Line planning and SKU planning

Merchants and Merchandisers working in large brand have limited to no access and control over PLM. Using Visual and Data-driven functionalities of Visulon, our engineers devised new workspaces and tools to initiate the New Line and create New SKU for new seasons.

This new methodology allows merchandising planners and product designers to collaborate and start creating the New Line. They can use easy access to past seasons in the portal (Visulon keeps up to four years of seasonal documents in 'live' state on it's cloud) to import few or many carry ‐ forwards with images or without old images. They can also change in bulk certain attribute data fields and insert new Style or SKU level information.

Line Planning Module

Visulon's New Line Planning module also makes it easy to drop 'placeholders' in the New Line. Product designers and Merchandisers now can start adding new attributes, pricing data, margins, targets in to this new Line Plan. Designers can upload and map images in any format of their choice and build colorways for this style.

The innovative, online and real-time collaboration platform offered by Visulon can furnish easy methods to do Early Line Planning and SKU planning.

Using Visulon's custom Restful APIs, this new Line Plan can be uploaded to PLM and synch with other seasonal data in the private cloud.

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