AI Optimized Merchandising Planning

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Adaptive Analytics

Visulon’s innovative AI and Generative AI Strategy for Enhanced Merchandising Planning.

Visulon’s AI and Generative AI strategy involves training advanced machine learning models on a large dataset of fashion images, allowing AI models to learn the style, color, and composition of the products. With this knowledge, the models can generate new product designs that are similar to the input images but with unique variations. This will enable Fashion Brands to expand their product offerings while maintaining their established brand identity.


Visulon has also built an AI-optimized product selection process for the Merchandisers' to build the New Line. This Product selection would be assisted using built-in ChatGPT results. All results are converted and mapped to the season/year under consideration or by default. Using past year’s selection criterion, sales analytics, pricing and margin metrics, our Generative AI model is develped.

Visulon is also working on using Brand’s historical large product data-sets to build an AI model to automatically build new apparel and footwear designs. AI model would consist of Generative AI results to maintain the Style, Color and Brand identity. Our AI models would offer slight variations for regional sentiment and uniqueness’.

The AI and Generative AI strategy aligns with Visulon's commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. By leveraging the latest technologies, Visulon is able to stay ahead of the competition and deliver the best possible products to their customers.

Visulon has been working on using ChatGPT to better understand the context of merchant's planning ideas and help automate merchandising by giving them tailor-made product selections using AI.

Also, by providing AI model to predict future sales analytics based upon product, region, gender etc. By analyzing past sales data and consumer preferences, the AI model can predict which products will likely be popular. This can help merchants plan their inventory and ensure they have enough of the right products in stock to meet demand.

Using Generative AI to create design for merchant designers by learning their past completed designs for a specific region, gender and sales analytics. For example, merchant could use generative AI to create new designs for clothing items based on fashion showbacks that have been successful in the market. The merchant could input a large dataset of images of successful designs, and the AI model could generate new designs that are similar in style, but with slight variations that make them unique. This would allow the merchant to expand their product offerings while still staying within their established brand identity.