Cloud Accelerated, Real-Time Visual Assortment Planning

Brands love the way our White-boarding application works. It has evolved to the extent that many of the operations are automated. Old days of drag and drop are gone. On-screen integration of data drawn from various sources seamlessly connects to allow quick placements.

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What is Assortment Planning?

Today’s day and age, Apparel, Footwear, and Accessories brands have to assort or select their new product placements to fulfill the exact requirements of the market. These seasonal assortments are created either for ecomm sites or for large retail stores, what matters is identifying which styles or designs are going to sell well by geography or by region.

Why Assortment Planning is Important?

Careful selection of products for the retail market can maximize sales for the retailer. This careful selection is Brand's best Assortments created per channel. Assortments should carry all images with all values. And while doing that, if the product marketing team can thoroughly analyze margins, IMUs, and decide targets, it gets genuine. That is where Visulon’s data-driven, 3D supported, and AI induced Assortments make the final difference.

We believe that with Visulon’s most accurate assortment plans .. Merchandising becomes real and less tiring.

Get ready for account-based selling with exact sales targets

Visulon’s solution platform allows you create intelligent and visual assortment that can show 3D, 360 rotations of your product images. Visulon’s model draping and fixture level sorting can speed up the sales processes. It can incorporate a variety of transparent images, attribute data, placeholders, stickers, icons, buy-grids in visual and in financial formats, allowing you to get ready for account-based selling.

Account-based selling with exact sales targets
Freedom to work

Visulon solutions were conceived and built for Cloud, so it gives freedom to work from anywhere and on any device

It is designed to work on desktops, laptops, tablets, and 65” or larger touch-screen monitors, Visual Assortment Builder also works on the Apple iPad Pro 12.9” with a pencil, allowing you to work from wherever you are.

Visual Assortment Planner Features
Highres product
High res product images
Create visual line plans using product images in hi-res 2D, 3D, 360 turns, and in original sizes.
your browser
Works in your browser
Operate 100% online and use your choice of web browser on Windows or Mac OS
cover devider
Covers & Dividers
Insert brand-specific covers, dividers, images and Word, Excel, PDF pages.
Easy importing
Easy importing
Import Excel line lists, use copy/paste or merge to populate your whiteboards automatically.
Globalmaster assortments
Global master assortments
Create global master assortments that can be used by others in the team to create their own.
Quick rank
Quickly rank, rate, annotate and tag products for further sorting and grouping
Easy sharing
Easy sharing
Share using encrypted links or save your completed assortment as PDF, PPT, and send via email or print.
High end features
High-end features
Use built-in high-end features like filtering, sorting, grouping, placeholders, milestones, buy grids, detail seasonal stats.
assortments categories
Build assortments in many categories
Allow the product data and images that can be arranged in limitless combinations to build assortments by season, region, special categories, use cases, sales programs, or customer tags
Easy to use tools
Easy to use tools that don’t need training
Use quick design and comprehensive layout tools, like rich text notes, headers, alignments, grids, tables, logos, tech icons, backgrounds, image resize, and ready to go template libraries.
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