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Brands love the way our White-boarding application works. It has evolved to the extent that many of the operations are automated. Old days of drag and drop are gone. On-screen integration of data drawn from various sources seamlessly connects to allow quick placements.

This easy-to-use interactive tool gives your product design, marketing, merchandising, and sales groups the power to create customer-specific line plans and collections. It can incorporate a variety of transparent images, attribute data, placeholders, stickers, icons, buy-grids in visual and in financial formats, allowing you to get ready for account-based selling. Designed to work on desktops, laptops, tablets, and 65” or larger touch-screen monitors, Visual Assortment Builder also works on the Apple iPad Pro 12.9” with a pencil, allowing you to work wherever you are.

Visual Assortment

Whiteboard Features & Benefits

  • Create visual line plans using product images in hi-res 2D, 3D, 360 turns, and in original sizes.
  • Operate 100% online and use your web browser on Windows or Mac OS
  • Use quick design and comprehensive layout tools, like rich text notes, headers, alignments, grids, tables, logos, tech icons, backgrounds, image resize, and ready to go template libraries.
  • Use built-in high-end features like sorting, grouping, placeholders, buy grids, stats etc.
  • Insert brand-specific covers, dividers, images and Word, Excel, PDF pages.
  • Organize by lines of businesses, sub-brands, customers, or local and regional.
  • Share and save your completed assortment as PDF, PPT, and send via email or print.
  • Import Excel line lists, use copy/paste, or merge to populate your whiteboards automatically.
  • Create global master assortments that can be used by others in the team to create their own.
  • Allow the product data and images that can be arranged in limitless combinations to build assortments by season, region, special categories, use cases, sales programs, or customer tags.
  • Quickly rank, rate, annotate and tag products for further sorting and grouping
Visual Assortment
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