Visulon’s Merchandiser
Merchandising plans

Visulon provides the fastest way to create your seasonal Merchandising plans from the dynamically integrated data sources. Our Merchandising solutions are fully customizable to fit your rules and formats.

From your Visual Assortments and Custom Workbooks, Merchandiser prepares a page summary of the products grouped by availability date. The grouping is customizable by category or by range. The availability dates can be modified as needed. The Merchandiser is a highly automated way of creating one or multi-page views.

Visulon also provides on the go ‘Fixture planning’ tool where all the fixture planning can be done using one or multiple of your Visual Assortments for a specific retail location to offer a quick view of products on your fixtures. We also do the store planning by putting several of the stacked shelves to be arranged in the store layout.

This browser-based tool is fast and flexible; it allows you to put various financial calculations per fixtures. Merchandiser allows you to PDF, Print or Share the documents with your retail store managers.

Merchandiser runs in the Visulon’s Enterprise Cloud with highly secure and configurable permission’s structure of the portal.