Visulon’s CloudConnect Data Management

Smart Integration

Visulon’s Smart Integration starts at identifying data and image resources that are critical for GotoMarket operations. We offer the SFTP batch process as an intrim solution, but our ultimate goal is to connect your data and Image sources by writing custom APIs with Visulon’s dedicated cloud servers for you. We can successfully provide a bi-directional real-time data-pipe for your PLM, ERP systems, CRM, and Image DAMs. We can also bring in sales history and supply chain information by directly connecting to JDA, Oracle or SAP systems.

We strongly believe that taking steps towards seamless, efficient aggregation by connecting the disparate islands of information will tremendously impact the productivity and ROI of every internal and external stakeholder.

Our team of software engineers will work with you for all your data integration needs. Our custom webservices are written in XML/SOAP or JASON to open the calls.

Visual Assortment Builder runs in the Visulon’s Enterprise Cloud with highly secure and configurable permission’s structure of the portal.

Smart Integration with PLM, ERP and Sales History
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