Our Story

Concepts of the Visulon software platform were conceived in the sustainability-focused lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest. The idea of eliminating paper catalogs used in B2B sales, or getting rid of foam-core boards from the meeting rooms captivated our team. Here in Portland, Apparel and Footwear industry experts allowed us to tap into their process knowledge, and Visulon’s team accurately identified what the industry needed and built a software platform based on the latest technologies. The results are imbued with unmatched inside knowledge and know-how of sales processes in the industry.

Visulon’s software solutions bring unprecedented ease to doing business with B2B accounts for our clients. We built an exceptional database architecture, feature-rich whiteboards for creating large assortments, dynamic digital catalogs, financial/range planning, and merchandising tools, order entry and order worksheets, and smart store fixture planning applications.

Technology adoption and Cost savings

The digital transformation of B2B operations and GoToMarket processes presents the perfect path forward for the big brands to wither the storm of opportunities and threats.

Moving on with more and more digital content that is hosted in the dedicated cloud architecture is an opportunity for companies to ride the wave, transform their offerings and business models, and elevate their value creation levers.

-Arun Joshi

Our Team

Arun Joshi

Arun is the founder and CEO of Visulon since its inception. He began his career working for Intel Corporation. He still loves to practice the Intel style of KROs, and focus on ‘Results.’ After Intel, Arun was the co-founder of Prenroll.com, Flexiword, and founder/CEO of Encodex Telesystems .. Arun is the co-founder and ex-president of TiE Oregon. He served as Board of trustees with the World Affairs Council of Oregon from 2013 through 2019. Arun holds B.S. in engineering from Bombay University M.S. from Kansas State University, and Exec. MBA from UC Berkely. Arun also takes deep interests in business process digital transformation and data analytics.

Arun also enjoys diverse activities, including key development projects through his ‘Maaydesh foundation,’ Artistic contributions to Indian Classical music through his ‘RagaNXT’ non-profit venture, and mentoring startups in India and the Bay Area.

Robert Stanley

Rob is V.P. of Technology and Biz Dev; he has deep domain knowledge of the Apparel, Fashion and Sports industry. He spent more than 25 years working in various positions including Director of IT for Tommy Hilfiger.

Michael Goin

Michael is our VP of Sales and Sales operations. He has 30+ years of B2B software sales experience managing prominent accounts and setting up sales channels.

Ana Martinez-Glickson

Ana is Director of Business Operations, working in the New York area for Visulon. She has spent several years in Fashion and Sports industry and have been responsible for large IT projects while working for Coach, PVH and Microsoft. She holds BS and MS in Computer Science.

Kaushal Soni

Kaushal is Engineering Project Manager, and he has been part of Visulon since its inception. Kaushal manages client support for the Visulon platform and directs Visulon’s talented engineering teams. He has in-depth operations understanding of how apparel, footwear, and fashion business’s product release process is managed. He holds Bachelor's and Masters in Computer Science from Pune University.

Board of Advisors

Greg VanGasse

CEO and Chairman Oh!Shoes. Ex-CEO Doc Marten, Brown Shoe Co. and Florsheim Shoes.

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