Why Visulon

Accelerating Digital transformation...
Visulon’s Cloud-based Go-To-Market Systems

We at Visulon want you to go beyond Excels, PDFs, Power-Point Slides, and Dropboxes, and understand how your seasonal product releases via our cloud platform can help your global teams to stay accurate, fast and connected to your Line Planning, Financial Planning and Merchandising operations in a fully digital manner.

With our process ideas, we assure you that you can meet rising customer expectations, deliver highly secure, faster online experiences, and bring innovations into your Go-To-Market operations.

Line Planning, Financial Planning and Merchandising operations
Visulon’s innovative front-end technology

Platform and browser independence

Visulon’s innovative front-end technology allows you to use our portals seamlessly from iPad Pro, Laptop, MacBook to very large screen touch-enabled 4K monitors. The style sheets, product images and resolutions automatically adjust to the screen sizes. Similarly, Visulon’s portals are designed to work on all browsers, Mac OS and Windows.

Advance technology framework allows you to scale

Visulon’s process innovations have a strong backbone of the latest technology power. Visulon embraces the latest, stable, and secured Amazon Azure cloud setup, that is ISO/IEC 27001 compliant. Our Business applications layer is supported by the Data layer that is designed on Microsoft Entity Framework 6 and Bootstrap.

By leveraging the right systems architecture and secured, always available Azure cloud backend, we allow you to scale as much you like. This allows you to focus on what matters the most.

Advance technology framework
Dramatically cut down your costs

Dramatically cut down your costs

Avoid paying to multiple user licenses of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator. Stop excessive use of Excels, Powerpoint, and Dropboxes. And along with that, you are going to lose some technicians working in the backend supporting Sales Operations. If you are keeping any local servers, and licenses, you won’t need those either.

Fastest communication, collaboration, and sharing

Fastest communication, collaboration, and sharing

Share your Line Plans instantly across the globe, collaborate and work together on one document to make large brand Review presentations, creates teams and share. All work happens in real-time with an accurate data feed from the Product Master.

Cut seasonal Time- to-market in half

Cut seasonal Time- to-market in half

Deploying the Visulon platform means getting rid of all manual work.. catalogs, foam-core boards, PPTs, and PDFs. You won’t need to maintain a large Range Plan excels. Target, Margin, and IMU calculations along with ‘What-if’ are built in. Highly automated Season and collection carry-forwards help you build the New Season in minutes, and our full feature Place-Holder functionalities will amaze you.