Visulon deploys simultaneous login and edit feature for groups working together to build New Line Plans

Visulon’s Visual Line Planner now has an exciting new feature for groups or teams that want to work together logged in from any corner of the world. Visulon’s engineers realized the need for simultaneous login. They started in-house development of the feature that allows multiple users to come on ‘assortment boards’ to search, add, edit or comment designing of the boards in the Visulon Platform. Today Product Designers, Global Merchants and Merchandisers gather to login in to the same video conference, talk and build up the line plans using their creative minds. Visulon engineers also added a feature where additional six members can login and watch the process. This feature has helped Tommy Hilfiger and Clavin Klein Line Planning teams to increase their productivity.

Visulon Deploys Simultaneous Login

Please contact Visulon Marketing team to have this added to your portals.